We offer a full range of tooling and tool making services, for CNC machining and precision cold forming.

We use the latest software systems, including DEFORM, leading process simulation platform, to minimise development times, cost and complexity.


DEFORM allows us to create precision tooling based on customers’ 3D design files, and then to optimise the subsequent engineering processes. This eliminates time-consuming trial and error processes and produces consistent and high-quality tooling.


Our tool room is fully equipped to handle all projects, with engineering systems including:

  • CNC spark erosion systems
  • Universal, cylindrical, rotary and rotary table grinding machines
  • CNC machining centres
  • CNC lathes

Tooling costs


The exceptions tend to be found where low volume parts are highly complex, or where specialised or difficult to engineer materials are required. Even here, however, cost can often be engineered out through intelligent design and careful control of production processes. Cost and time delays often occurred in the past because the development was seen as an iterative process, with improvements to tooling designs being made through a succession of prototype stages.


An alternative approach


Historically there has been a great deal of confusion over the cost and the way in which it is charged to each customer. As there were no standard definitions to guide cost calculations, suppliers adopted a variety of practices to calculate and charge-out the cost of developing tooling. Few of these were consistent, many were far from transparent and almost all depended on the expertise of a small number of experienced toolmakers and estimators.


More information can be found on our white pager below, featuring a guide to the engineering process.

Tooling Design
Tooling Design
Tooling Design