Dawson Shanahan specialise in precision CNC machining, turning and finishing, giving you a full range of production options for customised components and assemblies.

In addition to our cold forming facilities, we offer a full range of traditional precision CNC machining services, giving your business a wide range of production options, and using the engineering processes that provide the best technical and commercial solution for each project.


We invest heavily in advanced CNC machining tools, support systems and in our teams of highly skilled design, production and quality engineers. In particular, we operate dedicated manufacturing cells, including unmanned FMS cells for both milling and turning, plus multi-spindle machining centers with virtually zero chip to chip tool change and high-speed spindle speeds. Combined, these result in a high output at exceptional quality and at low part cost.


Our precision CNC milling and turning facilities form an integral part of our overall design and manufacturing capability, bringing you:

  • a complete precision engineering solution – a one-stop shop
  • choice, flexibility, and control
  • 24 hour production capacity

  • unrivalled knowledge, many years of experience and dedicated resources
  • the ability to improve component performance and functionality, while reducing cost

Precision CNC Machining
Precision CNC Machining
Precision CNC Machining

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