Move to DEFORM™ helps Dawson Shanahan cut lead times

Move to DEFORM™ helps Dawson Shanahan cut lead times

Move to DEFORM™

Dawson Shanahan, the precision engineering and cold forming specialist, has strengthened its toolmaking and design facilities still further with new investment in the latest DEFORM™ engineering software.

The DEFORM™ metal forming and process simulation software have been developed to enable companies such as Dawson Shanahan to optimise their tool designs by eliminating the need for iterative tool room processes.

Managing Director of Dawson Shanahan, Les Reeves, explains, “Although we already had relatively fast and efficient procedures for producing our tooling, for both CNC machining and precision cold forming, the latest investment in DEFORM will allow us to improve this process still further.”

Adoption of DEFORM™

In addition to reducing the time required to produce tooling, Les Reeves also believes that the adoption of DEFORM will help to reduce tooling costs. “We work closely with customers to engineer cost out of all projects while maintaining or improving the quality, finish and functionality of machined and cold formed components. By minimising development times, and eliminating several stages in the tooling design process, we expect our tooling costs to become even more competitive.”

DEFORM has been developed by the Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation.  The software is used by companies around the world, to provide state of the art simulation capabilities for deformation and die stress analysis in many different sectors of industry.